Letter From Pam

Many years ago I dedicated my career to the art of sewing. I  have shared my love for sewing with thousands of people  across many states while traveling as an educator for Janome. In my career I have met many  people who sew for many  different reasons. But the most common bond that sewing offers to people is the therapy aspect . Sewing is possibly the most user-friendly hobby of all. Why is that?  Well just look around at all the inspiring books and patterns and  all the beautiful fabrics.

The fact is sewing touches our lives everyday, from the clothes we wear to the furnishings in our home; to the quilts used for warmth or pleasure hanging on our walls. (Sew-Ezy is devoted to assisting you with the best classes and supplies.)

Sewing is a very rewarding art. Sewing allows us to escape to our own creative place, it allows us to do as much or as little as we choose, and at the end we have something we can feel proud of.  We can say. “Yes, I made this!”.

I sew every morning before I head out to Sew-Ezy; I guess you could say I am a morning person. When I was younger, I loved to sew all night, but now I guess my energy is used up helping customers at Sew-Ezy. I love the smiles and comments that we receive about our new location .

Sew-Ezy is a lovely place and I am thankful to all of you for being a part of my dream.

The close of the holiday season, brings the beginning of a new year. The word beginning; just created or formed: Sounds like a perfect opportunity to learn a new art or polish up your skills, all while enjoying the company of those who share your hobby, SEWING..what ever form you chose.

Come join us!  You’ll love the friendships Sew-Ezy develops.

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